Let's make Tooting High Street safe for all


Tooting High Street is an 'A' road, and as such is an important route for people moving both within, and passing through the area. The width of the road, not including the pavement, varies from 10m to 12m in width (from Tooting Broadway to the junction with Blackshaw Road).

Using this road, on foot, or by bicycle is not straightforward. We believe space exists for high quality separated cycle routes to be placed on the road ensuring that people of whatever age or ability can choose to cycle locally. Images from the TfL International Cycling Benchmarking Infrastructure Study have been shown above to illustrate how it could be.

Parking/delivery bays can be provided from adjacent roads. The space currently used between buses and delivery bays could be re-purposed. This narrowing of the carriageway should result in lower speeds by motorists, and make it easier for pedestrians and the less able to cross the road.

With 50% of car trips in London being less than or equal to two miles, many of those journeys could be cycled if the streets were designed in a more inviting manner.

Local businesses suffer from the dominance of motor traffic that the current street design facilitates. A more inviting and attractive public realm would boost footfall, and in turn increase trade for local businesses.

We need to show significant local support for this so that TfL listen to us and can ensure the next update / resurfacing includes installing proper cycle tracks. This post from the Cycling Embassy of Great Britain illustrates how using existing legislation, officers can install high quality cycle tracks.

Supported by Wandsworth Cycling Campaign & Wandsworth Living Streets

Let's make it happen!

We, the undersigned, call on TfL and Wandsworth Council to make changes to Tooting High Street (from Tooting Broadway to the junction with Blackshaw Road) so that cycling can be an option for everyone, not just the fit and the brave.

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    Let's make Tooting High Street safe for all & reduce #airpollution in the mix. Lend your support here http://www.wandsworthlibdems.org.uk/let_s_make_tooting_high_street_safe_for_all?recruiter_id=2199
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