Let's pedestrianise Balham town centre at weekends


There has recently been some great work to improve Hildreth Street as well as some facades in Balham town centre. However, the triangle of roads that are dominated by cars detract from the pedestrian experience particularly on Bedford Hill.

Venn Street in Clapham has gone through a transformation in recent years, and we believe that a similar approach could be taken for Bedford Hill.

We are calling for a trial to gather data to see if this improves the pedestrian experience in the town centre at the weekends, without negatively impacting on local businesses. Thorough engagement with local residents and the business community towards the end of the trial period would be needed to see if the changes should be placed on a more permanent footing, amended or rescinded.

Let's make it happen!

We, the undersigned, call on Wandsworth Council and Transport for London to carry out a trial, for a suitable period of time, on Bedford Hill where from Friday evenings through to Sunday evenings, motor traffic is prevented from using Bedford Hill from the junction with Balham High Road to Sistova Road.

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    Frequently asked questions:
    Qu: Why do it?
    Ans: A trial would give residents, the local business community, and people who use the town centre an opportunity to see if having more of the town centre pedestrianised at the weekends can work.
    Qu: How would the space be used?
    Ans: The restaurants and cafes could spill out onto the road at the weekends, or the farmers market currently at Chestnut Grove School could be located in the town centre.
    Qu: What would be the impact on businesses?
    Ans: Where these sort of changes have been done elsewhere (Venn St in Clapham Old Town is a local example) it usually boosts footfall which really helps local businesses.
    Qu: Where would the traffic go?
    Ans: Traffic and beliefs as to what could happen are frequently the reason why proposals to improve/change our streets are frustrated. This is why the petition is asking for a trial. A trial would allow the range of strongly held opinions that exist to be tested with reality. The mini holland trials in Waltham Forest proved to be very successful, and after the initial backlash people really like the traffic calmed streets.
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    Let's pedestrianise #Balham town centre at weekends - almost 500 people have signed the petition so far, join us http://www.wandsworthlibdems.org.uk/let_s_pedestrianise_balham_town_centre_at_weekends?recruiter_id=2199
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