Widespread 20mph limits one-step closer in Wandsworth

We are absolutely delighted with the decision taken at council committee yesterday evening. Campaigners, civic society groups and the local Lib Dems have been calling on the council to act on 20mph for years now.

The councillors had three options put before them:
a) Stick with the status quo
b) Borough wide consultation on 20mph on residential streets with a phased roll-out
c) Borough wide consultation on 20mph on residential streets with a single roll-out

They chose a mixtures of the second and third options given the financial realities that the council is under. We are grateful to councillors on both sides who worked to reach this outcome. That there was such consensus speaks volumes as to how this issue is now viewed by the two main political parties locally. 

However, a consultation is not a guarantee that the council will move ahead with 20mph. That decision to go ahead, or not, very much depends on who responds to the consultation.

With a consultation due in the not too distant future, we need to ensure that as many people as possible are able to respond to the consultation. Would you be interested in helping the team get the word out, and make sure that we can make safer streets a reality for everyone in our community?

If you are, do add your name to our safer streets volunteer team.

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