A Healthy Caring Wandsworth


This is our liberal vision for Wandsworth. For information on Liberal Democrat policies nationally, see the national party website.

Wandsworth Council is responsible for providing care for older people and adults with long-term conditions as well as children in need of a safe and secure home. 

Southfields campaigner Sue Wixley says the first duty of the local council is to care for those in need. ‘We want healthy living to run through all the Council’s decisions by supporting leisure services, promoting education about health and providing local environments that put people first,’ says Sue. We would work closely with local charities and community groups to support those who are most vulnerable. We also want to see real action to support homeless people. We want more emergency accommodation for those at risk of becoming homeless. Older people who are isolated need more help to engage with the local community too. We would like to see more outreach programmes and cross- community support schemes to help those suffering from loneliness. There are great initiatives to be built on which bring together older people with other members of society to better promote

Wandsworth Liberal Democrats want to make our high streets a place for everyone.

We want to widen pavements where possible, create more public spaces, plant more trees and create a wheelchair and pushchair friendly community. We want to encourage a more diverse shopping by encouraging more pop-up shops, social enterprises and independent businesses by offering discretionary rate relief to these businesses. We would aim to provide free wifi throughout the key public areas in the borough. This would encourage people to use the shopping areas for longer periods of time as well as
giving everyone access to an important service. Safe cycling is vitally important too as we work to cut air pollution and encourage
healthy living. Campaigner, Jon Irwin, says the Liberal Democrats will build on a strong track record of campaigning for safer streets by extending 20mph zones.‘We need to put people first. Streets must be safe, clean and family-  friendly. We can make our Borough a great place to shop, live and travel around with a diverse range of businesses and the Council has an important role to play in making that happen,’ says Jon.


Everyone knows there is a growing housing crisis in London. We need to find a way of providing homes that are safe,  secure and affordable for everyone who needs them.

Liberal Democrats will explore ways of creating affordable new homes in places where there are existing buildings. Above single-storey retail units for example or even above train stations. We will make sure that Wandsworth signs up to the Rogue Landlords database. This will mean tenants have access to vital information about landlords and letting agents who have been fined. Nationally, the Lib Dems want the government to introduce registration schemes for landlords too. We want to see the Council invest in improvements for council housing and paying for sprinklers and other urgent action to improve fire safety. The planning process should be open and fair and we need to give priority to schemes that promote energy efficiency and sustainable living.
‘Wandsworth Council is letting people down,’ says Southfields campaigner Duncan Lyons. ‘I found the council's shared ownership scheme hopelessly failed to meet demand. The number of homes built under the scheme was so low.’

Liberal Democrats want to make Wandsworth a cleaner, greener borough.

The current waste management system is not working effectively. Liberal Democrats would introduce more wheelie bins where possible and encourage more recycling. We would launch an information and education campaign particularly targeting schools,
with the re-introduction of the Golden Ticket scheme to reward those who use the recycling system correctly. We want to see food waste bins introduced and a scheme for recycling garden waste. Liberal Democrats also want a thorough review of bulk collection services - especially charges - to help reduce fly tipping throughout the borough. Free collection days could help and more litter bins could cut dumping of rubbish too. If elected we will make the council single-use free by 2020. We would also plant a tree for every child in the Borough. Putney campaigner Paul Benton says our environment is too precious to ignore. ‘I want to see more done to clean up the Thames foreshore. So much rubbish - including plastics - gets washed into our seas. And air pollution needs urgent action too. Effective local councillors can make the case for change on behalf of local people.’

Liberal Democrats are ambitious for change in Wandsworth. And change should start with the way the Council is run.

Battersea resident Mark Gitsham (right) says: ‘The Liberal Democrats have a positive vision for the future of Wandsworth. It is time to bring the Borough Council closer to the people it serves.’ Liberal Democrats would:

  • Hold council meetings in different communities around the Borough, making it easier for you to hold councillors to account.
  • Raise council tax by 2% and ring-fence the funds for community services. A small increase to benefit everyone.
  • We will make council decision-making more trans-parent and accessible.
  • Make the Council website fit for 2018 and the future so it gives you the information you need and makes it easier for you to have your say.

Investing in the future for our children.

Liberal Democrats believe that education and child welfare is vital for a prosperous community. Providing support to families is key for children to succeed. To help achieve this we would encourage schools to offer more breakfast and after school clubs. Balham resident and Liberal Democrat campaigner Provence Maydew (pictured right) is passionate about plans to give children the best possible start in life. ‘We need to make sure that the best possible support is available for nursery provision. We also want more access to family learning so that parents can learn the skills they need. There should also be support for programmes that bring children and older people together to build under-standing and support across generations.’


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