And we're off!


The Wandsworth Lib Dems have never been better placed . We recently crashed through the 1,000-member mark and numbers will soar even higher following Mrs May’s decision to order the country to political battle stations.

On top of that, our members are angry and determined to channel that anger into votes at the ballot box. They are angry about cuts in the NHS, cuts in education, cuts in social services. They are angry about grammar schools and sucking up to Trump. They are angry about parliament being treated as an inconvenience by the Tory government. They are angry about a lily-livered Labour Opposition which refuses to stand up to the government on Europe while at the same time demanding to re-fight the battles of yesteryear. They are angry about the atmosphere of division, racism and intolerance which has been created by the Tory government.

Most of all, they are angry about Brexit. Under Theresa May there will be no second referendum and no single market. Brexit means Brexit which means a hard, hard Brexit.

Wandsworth voted 75 percent to remain in the EU—one of the highest anti-Brexit votes in the country. It is now up to up to us to turn that anti-Brexit, anti-Tory wave into a local Lib Dem tsunami.

So, 1,000-plus members, it is time to buy new trainers, open your wallets, apply varnish to the door-knocking knuckles, stretch those legs, exercise the telephoning vocal cords, read up on party policies and practice beaming the doorstep smile.

Elections are hard work. They are also fun. They are even more fun when you win.

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