Becoming A Councillor

We are starting the process of selecting our council candidates for the 2022 Local Elections. This page contains the information about the process for the Wandsworth Liberal Democrats.

The first part of the process is the application and approval process. Once you are approved you can apply to any of our seats. To apply you need to send in the below application form and agree to our basic principles of becoming being a council candidate for the Wandsworth Liberal Democrats.

Application Form


Basic Councillor Contract


We will then work to find a time where you can be interviewed for the final part of the approval process.

Target Wards

If we work hard have a chance to win seats this election. As such,  target wards will require a significant commitment from their candidates. To represent this, we have created a document to list the requirements that you agree to when applying for a target ward. 

Target Ward Contract


Extra Information:

Wandsworth Council Candidate advice webpage.

Electoral Commission Guidance for Candidates and Agents

Council Standing Orders

Candidates code of Conduct.


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