Bikehangars are coming!

Bikehangers have been introduced successfully in neighbouring Lambeth. Now they are coming to Wandsworth.


After campaigning by local activist Jon Irwin, Wandsworth say that the first ones will be in place by Christmas.

No room for a bike?

The council currently provides some bike parking for people living on housing estates. But for people living in privately owned or rented accommodation, if you don't have the space in your hall then you might not be able to use a bicycle to cycle around locally at all.

Local pressure

Local groups like the Wandsworth Cycling Campaign have been calling on the council to introduce hangers, as well as many other evidence-based suggestions to improve our local streets. Fortunately, as a result of this campaigning, we are finally seeing some movement from the council.

If you would like to register your interest in having a Bikehangar near your home do let us know.

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