Brexit deal Mayhem

Olly Glover in Earlsfield calling for a Peoples vote

The Lib Dems will give you the Final Say.

Over the past two years the Liberal Democrats have led the fight against this disastrous Brexit. The recent rejection of May’s Brexit Deal in Parliament takes us a step closer to an exit from Brexit - this was the biggest defeat in Parliament ever.

We are the only major party consistently calling for a vote on the final Brexit deal - including the option to remain in Europe. Every day, more people are backing our campaign for a people's vote. Join them today and help get our country back:

Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Tooting Olly Glover says: “After months of incompetence and indecision, the Tories and Prime Minister May have made a hash of Brexit, which has become a national embarrassment, and Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party have failed to oppose them. Now is the time to back the Liberal Democrats and join us in demanding better than Brexit.”

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