Dr Johnson Avenue finally looks likely to be re-integrated into Tooting Common


Campaigners are really pleased to see Wandsworth Council finally move forward with an idea that has been mooted since the 1970's. Proposals have now been published to replace Dr Johnson Avenue with a 3m wide shared path with the rest of the surface being returned to grass.


The Tooting Liberal Democrats are fully supportive of these proposals, however, we do have concerns with regards to the potential impacts on members of our community that depend on their car to get around.

As Jon Irwin, local Tooting Lib Dem campaigner adds:

jon-irwin-profile.jpg"I'm delighted to see the council making progress on this. However, I feel that many people will have legitimate concerns about what will happen to motor traffic."

If these fears are widely expressed by the community he goes on to suggest:

"I hope that the council will seek to run a trial in the first instance. As we know from roadworks, if there is a need, temporary measures can be put in place very rapidly. If done in conjunction with traffic counters then we would have real data to analyse what happens when Dr Johnson Avenue isn't available to motor traffic instead of having opinions (which may be right or wrong) as to what may happen."

We are encouraging residents, users of the common and people who travel through the area to respond to the council's survey here www.wandsworth.gov.uk/drjohnsonave.

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