Council by-election: Eileen Riley Arms calls for fresh start in Tooting


Local resident Eileen Riley Arms has been nominated for the Tooting ward by-election on 18 August. Eileen has been getting a good response on the doorstep, with her message that if you vote for the Conservatives or Labour you will just get the same old policies in Wandsworth Council. "We need a fresh look," she says.

Eileen recently rejoined the Liberal Democrats, as part of a massive membership surge for the party in Wandsworth since the General Election in 2015 and the EU referendum. "I was outraged when Boris Johnson was appointed Foreign Secretary, and realised that this was the moment to stand up and be counted!" she says.

Key campaigning issues for Liberal Democrats are:

  • Tooting's place in Europe. Tooting is home to many residents from other EU countries, and they are doing many vital jobs locally, not least at St George's Hospital. The referendum result has put their world into chaos - we must fight for their rights!
  • Fresh air and safer cycling. Tooting is blighted by traffic jams and rat-running. More people would cycle or walk if it was cleaner and safer - a classic vicious circle. The Tory Council has been desperately slow to act, and Labour only make token protests. We have little beyond the painfully slow implementation of 20mph zones. The council wouldn't even provide a pedestrian crossing for Fircroft School - sited on one of the busiest rat-runs.
  • Cleaner streets. Rubbish on the streets is at epidemic levels in Tooting. This is another vicious circle that needs firm action.
  • Crossrail 2 in Tooting Broadway. Balham doesn't want the new station. Tooting does. This investment will last 100 years or more - enough to make any extra cost worthwhile.
  • Fair fees for renters. Tooting's renters are being hit from all directions by greedy agents and others who charge extortionate fees for almost nothing. This needs action!

The by-election was called when one of the sitting (Labour) councillors took up an appointment at the Greater London Authority.

Please contact us if you would like to get involved in the Liberal Democrat campaign!


Content published and promoted by D Patterson on behalf of Eileen Riley Arms (Liberal Democrats), all at 59 Swaffield Road  London  SW18 3AE

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