Exec Positions

The executive committee is the Wandsworth Liberal Democrats governing board. This committee coordinates the running of the local party and provides oversight and support to local constituency teams that are in charge of the day-to-day campaigning. The following positions are on the committee:

Chair: The role of the chair person has two functions. The first is to provide vision and direction to the party and the second is to run the executive committee meetings and to coordinate between members of the exec to ensure action points are done. This role looks for someone who is organised and is good at not only mediating discussions between different groups but also drawing discussions to a close to finalize on a decision.

Campaigns Chair: This persons role is to coordinate the work of the constituency sub-committees to ensure good ideas spread and work on can be shared. For times when we have a hired member of staff, the campaigns chair will be the primarily lead with the staff. 

Secretary: The role of secretary is organize the executive committee meetings, take minutes during the meetings and to notify members in a timely fashion of the date, full agenda and any papers circulated in advance for an AGM. It can also take the less well defined position of a general support role for the Chair to help them get things done. Good organisation and attention to detail are important for this role.

Treasurer: The role of treasurer is to control the purse string of the party and file the legal documents necessary for us to remain tax compliant etc. The finances of a local party can be quite complex and someone with a background in accounting is advised.

Membership Development Officer: The role of membership secretary is to ensure we actively engage with our membership and increase it. This person should be people orientated and happy to talk to different members of our party to make sure everyone feels engaged.

Data Officer: The data secretary role is to manage membership and voter information of the local party. This involves things like managing emails lists and ensuring we are compliant with data protection regulations. It is recommended that those who apply for this role are comfortable with computer systems, have a willingness to learn new software and are willing to deal with the legal requirements of GDPR.

Diversity Officer: subject to the approval of the constitutional change adding this position, the postholder will need to work with local campaigning groups to spread understanding of diversity issues into the field.

Non-executive member: The role of the non-executive is to provide oversight of the executive committee and extra man power to achieve the aims of the executive. Persons interested in this roll should have a passion for improving the Wandsworth Liberal Democrats and a willingness to roll up your sleeves to get involved.

Please contact us if you are interested in standing for any of these positions. It is worth noting that the executive isn't the only way to get involved with the local party. If you do not feel ready to be on the executive there are many other ways to get involved. Each constituency has a committee to organize the campaigning in their area.



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