Hillbrook School road safety petition taken down


On the 17th April, following meetings and discussions with staff and parents at Hillbrook Primary School in March, we launched a petition to enable the council to take action on road safety particularly around pick-up and drop-off times.

The petition had gathered over 100 signatures within just a few days, which we were delighted about. Then, unfortunately, we learnt that some parents had complained to the Head about the fact that the Liberal Democrats were running the petition.

The school requested that we take the petition down. We have reluctantly complied with this request, given that the petition was initially launched with the school's cooperation, and the additional sensitivity of council elections next week.

"This is disappointing," says local Lib Dem campaigner Jon Irwin. "We have consistently found that road safety is a concern of local residents, and yet we have often seen indifference amongst the other political parties. They seem more interested in protecting motorists' favourite rat-runs than making residential streets more liveable." Last Autumn the Conservative Council, with opposition Labour support, voted to double the number of signatures needed on road safety petitions. It remains the policy of both parties to wait for serious injuries and deaths before any serious investigation takes place on new safety measures.

"Unlike the Conservatives and Labour, the Liberal Democrats seek to put power back into local residents' hands," Jon adds. " Whatever, the outcome of these local elections, our team will continue to work hard to create safer streets for all who live, work, shop and study in our borough."

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