Lib Dems call for action on Wandsworth housing crisis


Escalating property prices have created a housing crisis in Wandsworth, and politicians must face up to this. Instead Wandsworth Council is serially failing to meet targets for affordable homes, while property developments are snapped up by overseas investors, with many properties left vacant. So say the three Liberal Democrat candidates contesting Wandsworth seats in May’s General  Election.

Taylor: Property prices have reached stratospheric levels

Battersea Candidate Luke Taylor (pictured: left) said “House prices across Wandsworth have reached stratospheric levels even by the usual standards of London, up by 18% in 2014. The rental market is largely unregulated and where housing is built it is largely for the super-rich and transient.”

The candidates are demanding that Wandsworth Council ensure new developments meet the affordable home targets of 33%. They note that no new developments have met these targets that are required of the council. “Wandsworth Council has repeatedly failed in their responsibility to ensure that sufficient housing is provided for all members of the community, and the three local MPs have said nothing.”

Ling: We are Generation Rent

Phil Ling (pictured: centre), standing in Tooting, added that as Liberal Democrats and representatives of “Generation Rent” they are aiming to be far more radical in their policy response. “Nothing should be off-limits and we need to start thinking the unthinkable. If housing costs continue to consume so much of disposable income we are crippling our future economic growth and forcing ordinary and young people out of areas like Balham, Putney, Earlsfield, Tooting and Battersea in the process.”

The Liberal Democrats are in favour of protecting tenants from revenge evictions, improving the quality of rental properties, maintaining social housing stock and investigating ways of raising revenue from high wealth and overseas property owners.

Hallett: We need many more houses and we need them now

Putney candidate Andy Hallett (pictured: right) concluded “I did not get into politics to see the young and the growing families pushed out of London by sheikhs and oligarchs. We need many more houses and we need them now. We can be more creative in how land is used, but we can start by making sure Council targets on affordable and social housing are met.” 

For more information and contact details for the candidates: here

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