Lib Dems Challenge Tory Claims

The Tories have listed the areas in which they believe they have excelled. But look again.

1. Cleaner Streets. Just walk down any High Street in Wandsworth and decide for yourself. Walk down any street within 400 metres of any High Street in Wandsworth and decide for yourself.

2. Greener neighbourhoods. Tell that to the people around Tooting Common where the council has defied protests to chop down trees. Lib Dems want to plant a tree for every Wandsworth child under 12.

3. Safer roads. Local cyclists will tell you that is simply not true. Lib Dems want an enforced 20 mph speed limit on all but arterial roads and better provisions for cyclists.

4. Great Schools. Tell that to the Heads dealing with effective budget cuts, rising deficits and cuts to free school meals. Our children deserve better, they deserve outstanding schools.

5. Low Taxes. And cuts in social and community services. Wandsworth has one of the widest disparities between rich and poor in Britain. Lib Dems will put people first and ring-fence any small tax rise to improve community and social services.

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