Lib Dems fight for Disabled Mobility

Mobility win on Tooting Common

Tooting Lib Dems have successfully persuaded Wandsworth Council to help people using wheeled mobility aids to adjust bumps designed to slow down cyclists on Tooting Common.

Jon Irwin, on behalf of the Lib Dems Tooting Action Group, said: "Sometimes the small things can be mountains for other members of our community."

He added: "So pleased that the council have finally acted. It never ceases to amaze me how many of these seemingly small parts of our wider pedestrian environment are ignored by those in power for so long. No doubt the bumps were partly in place to deter cyclists on the common. Inadvertently it was doing its job, but not in the way that many in the community would want to see."

The local Lib Dem team will be keeping tabs on the other locations where these bumps are present on the common paths, to ensure that similar adjustments are made there too. Our local environment is already quite challenging for those with mobility impairments and their assistants to get around. We will continue to fight to demand better for all members of our community.

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