Jon Irwin Brings the Fight to Sadiq's Backyard.

Jon Irwin is fighting for a better future for everyone in Furzedown. Jon and the Lib Dems are asking residents to use this election as their chance to demand better from our Conservative-run council and Labour London Mayor.



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Have your say, register by 7 May

With the EU elections just a month away on 23 May, it is vital that everyone with the right to vote is able to use it. Across Battersea, Putney and Tooting, we are encouraging voters who have not yet done so to register. 

You can help, too, by sharing the information on this page with any EU citizens you know or with other would-be voters, such as young people who have just reached voting age and may not have registered yet.


The deadline to register to vote in the European Parliament elections is Tuesday 7 May. For UK citizens, there is a simple online registration process. For EU citizens there is one extra step required for the European elections: in addition to registering to vote as normal, you need to complete a form to say that you are not voting elsewhere in Europe.

The Liberal Democrats have contacted Wandsworth Electoral Services at Wandsworth Council to find out what is being done to support EU citizens in the borough to register for the European Elections.

A senior manager explained that letters have been sent to EU citizens in Wandsworth which outlines the steps needed to register. This letter will be followed up via email. EU citizens will be able to email their completed form to the Council as well as post them to City Hall.

Liberal Democrats will continue to fight for the rights of EU citizens throughout the current Brexit chaos and beyond. For these upcoming European elections, it is vital that EU citizens – our friends, family, neighbours and colleagues – are able to have their say.


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Brexit deal Mayhem

Olly Glover in Earlsfield calling for a Peoples vote

The Lib Dems will give you the Final Say.

Over the past two years the Liberal Democrats have led the fight against this disastrous Brexit. The recent rejection of May’s Brexit Deal in Parliament takes us a step closer to an exit from Brexit - this was the biggest defeat in Parliament ever.

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Air pollution & road safety concerns

Tooting Liberal Democrats have been surveying local streets recently. Many residents tell us they feel their streets are unsafe for them and their children, because of fast driving and worsening air pollution.

The Conservative Council and Labour Mayor are letting us down, by not taking action on these issues.

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Victory for local business

Victory for local business Yaya cakes!

Yaya Cakes’ mural saved by local action

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Earlsfield rail chaos

Our railways are not delivering for us

Our railways are not delivering for us. 


On Monday 19th November, severe morning disruption to Earlsfield’s rail service left many commuters unable to travel. Lib Dem spokesperson for Earlsfield Liz Jarvis said: “This is one of many problems to hit South Western Railway (SWR). Commuters are getting a rough deal and, with big fare increases, they have every right to demand better.

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Putney responds to Heathrow's consultation

The local Liberal Democrat team has responded to Heathrow's latest consultation on its airspace design and future operations. The proposals would enable Heathrow to add an extra 25,000 flights each year, or 68 more flights a day. The Lib Dem's response to this consultation is below.

We are concerned that some communities, including parts of Putney, could be 'overflown' for the first time since they are positioned under the proposed new flightpaths. However, despite the enormous technical detail in the consultation documents and on the consultation website, there is little clarity on exactly how Putney would be affected. The Liberal Democrats call on Heathrow to explain directly and specifically to local communities what these proposals would mean for them. 

Liberal Democrats have campaigned against Heathrow expansion, at a national level as well as through local parties, for more than 40 years. We think it is an unworkable folly which will do huge damage to the environment as well as disturb the health and well-being of residents. For example, in the 1980s the Lib Dems in Richmond won the campaign to reduce noise by getting aeroplanes to alternative between runways. The party subsequently succeeded in its fight to keep night flights to a minimum, restricting the number of movements permitted until 2017.

Heathrow consultation on airspace and future operations 

Q1.  Do you support our proposals for a noise objective? Please provide any comments you have on our proposals for a noise objective 


  • You propose to “limit…and reduce the effects of noise on health and quality of life” rather than actually reducing noise.
  • Both the proposed airspace changes and future airport expansion will result in more noise for local communities, including those across Putney.
  • Protecting communities from aviation noise should take priority over commercial interests.
  • It is concerning that some communities will be experiencing noise for the first time if this expansion plan goes through. The impact of the proposed changes should be communicated clearly, especially to communities which will be newly overflown.
  • The commitment to “regular breaks” during the day is not sufficient without a commitment to ensuring that they are predictable. In particular, local residents need longer breaks from scheduled flights
  • There should be no flight noise between 11pm and 7am. Instead of managing the impact of flights between those times, they should be eliminated all together so that residents can enjoy uninterrupted seep.
  • The objective also seeks to be “proportionate and cost effective”. Far from reassuring residents that they would receive adequate compensation, this vague term could mean no expenditure being made on noise reduction. This part of the noise objective should therefore by scrapped completely.

Q2 Would you prefer to have longer periods of respite less frequently or a shorter period of respite every day? Please tell us the reason for your preference. Please provide any comments or suggestions you have on runway and airspace alternation.

  • A shorter period of respite every day would be preferable as this would enable people to have daily rest and fresh air as they enjoy their local environment in peace – something which is conducive to health and well-being.
  • This should be part of an overall objective to limit nuisance to local people and take all possible steps to increase the hours of respite available to as many people as possible.
  • There are no proposals for monitoring respite periods or issue penalties if they are not adhered to.

Q3. Should we prefer westerly operations during the day and easterly operations at night to reduce the total number of people affected by noise? Please tell us the reasons for your answer. Should we sometimes intervene to manage the direction of arriving and departing aircraft…Please tell us the reasons for your answer. Please provide comments/suggestions on directional preference.

  • Heathrow should end night flights entirely, so these decisions do not need to be made.  

Q4.  To help inform our consideration of the options, we want to know whether you would prefer for us to:

  • Use one runway for scheduled arrivals from 5.30am (runway time 5.15am)

  • Use two runways for scheduled arrivals from 5.45am (runway time 5.30am)

 Please tell us the reasons for your preference.

  • There should be no runways in use before 6am.  
  • The consultation document provides no evidence of the “significant contribution” night flights supposedly make to the UK economy – just a vague reference to “independent studies”.  
  • People arriving from overseas might be ready for the start of the working day, but the economic impact of poor sleep on workers living near the airport should also be taken into account.  
  • The priority should be the right to a peaceful night’s sleep for people living near the airport.

Q5.  Please provide any comments or suggestions on how we should encourage the use of the quietest type of aircraft at night (outside the proposed scheduled night flight ban)? Please provide any other comments you have on night flight restrictions.

  • There should be an outright ban implemented on any aircraft landing at night with an older or noisier engine.
  • Current incentives, including quotas and landing fees are not sufficient and are no compensation for disrupted sleep and the impact that this has on people’s health and well-being.

Other comments

In addition to objecting to the specifics contained within the proposals, we object to the underlying principles of this expansion project.

The proposals would enable Heathrow to increase the number of flights by an estimated 25,000 per year. This would exacerbate the damage done to people’s health by aircraft noise and pollution and contradict the UK’s anti-climate change objectives. That is why we call for night flights to be stopped, a ban on aircraft landing at night with older or nosier engines and longer, predictable respite periods to be provided.

It is simply not sustainable to expand a hub airport in the midst of one of the most densely populated areas in the country. Instead of expanding operations and merely seeking to “minimise impacts for local communities”, we think Heathrow should be thinking again about its plans.

In addition, we urge Heathrow to explain clearly and directly to our community what would be the expected impacts of its proposals. There are some communities, including parts of Putney, that would be new ‘overflown’ and would be stung by noise, pollution and disturbance from Heathrow flights for the first time. The lack of precise flight paths in this consultation materials does not provide the information we need. 

Say "No" to The Palmhouse proposal

Liberal Democrats in Putney have objected to a re-submitted proposal for a late night drinking venue on the rooftop of Putney Exchange Shopping centre. The proposal for Palmhouse Putney faces substantial local opposition and we encourage residents to join us in saying "no" to this unsuitable proposal.  

Local campaigners have spoken with a number of local people who are deeply concerned about this proposal and have encouraged the Liberal Democrats to take up this issue on their behalf. "The downsides of the development will be significant for local residents and businesses and the upsides are unconvincing", said Paul Benton, Thamesfield resident and Lib Dem candidate in last year's Council elections. "We urge the planning committee of Wandsworth Council to listen to residents' concerns and refuse this application."

From bad to worse

A previous proposal for a venue (formerly known as Pergola Putney) was rightly withdrawn in April 2018 as a result of residents’ objections. Unfortunately, this year’s planning application is not an improvement on the earlier proposal. Instead of reducing their plans in response to residents’ concerns, the developer has scaled them up and proposes to increase capacity of the venue by 40% (from 500 to 700 people) and expand the operating hours substantially.



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The Terrible Brexit Deal

Lib Dems urge Wandsworth MPs to get behind a People's Vote and give voters a final say on the UK's deal with the EU including the option of no Brexit. 

Mark Gitsham, Liberal Democrat spokesperson for Battersea, commented  "the Government is in meltdown and the Prime Minister's deal, which is unlikely to be passed, offers us the worst of both worlds. The only way out of this political chaos is to return the decision to the people". 

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Statement on knife crime in Wandsworth


Tooting Liberal Democrats are appalled at the rise in fatal knife crime involving young people in Wandsworth and continue to call for an increase in community policing.

17-year-old Malcolm Mide-Madariola was stabbed to death outside Clapham South tube station on 2 November, eight months after 20-year-old Devoy Stapleton was stabbed on the corner of Ellerton Road and Burntwood Lane, in Earlsfield.


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