Progress on Kettering Street petition

Looks like our petition for Kettering Street has resulted in some council work.


The background to this was a petition, run by local activist Jon Irwin, calling on the council to run a trial installing bollards at the Mitcham Lane end of the street as our neighbouring borough Merton have already done in certain places. On his street 66 people signed the petition which was presented to the council in July 2014. 

Here below, you can see what Merton Council have done. it's Nelson Road just off Merton High Street:

 Merton example near Abbey Mills

The automatic traffic counters will provide baseline data on the motor traffic currently using Kettering Street and Eastwood Street. Sadly these counters don't pick up the number of people cycling or walking past.

In the distance, you can see the traffic counter leads on Kettering Street:

Kettering Street - traffic counter in street


A better shot of the same equipment on Eastwood Street:

Eastwood Street - traffic counter

Don't forget to get in touch with the local team if you would like help on a issue which you feel is not being properly looked into. 

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