Sue Wixley selected as Putney's Prospective Parliamentary Candidate

Liberal Democrat members in Putney have selected Sue Wixley to be their Prospective Parliamentary Candidate (PPC). Sue, who has lived with her husband in Southfields for more than a decade, was selected at a members’ meeting on Tuesday 2 July that was attended by 90 people.

She is the first woman ever selected by the Liberal Democrats as a candidate in Putney since the party’s founding in 1988.

In her hustings speech, Sue said:

“I’ve been fighting for Liberal Democrat values since I became an anti-apartheid activist as a student in South Africa, where I grew up. After participating in that epic, history-making struggle, I co-founded and led the campaign to ban landmines in South Africa, part of a successful global campaign that was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.”

Sue has been a director of several organisations working on healthcare and social issues and has served on the board of several others. She was recently selected as the Lib Dems’ candidate for the 2020 London Assembly campaign with mayoral candidate Siobhan Benita and in 2018 stood in the Southfields ward for Wandsworth Council elections.


Historic opportunity

At the hustings, all candidates spoke about the historic opportunity for the Lib Dems to take the seat at the next General Elections.

In May, the party topped the European elections in Wandsworth with 36,012 votes, beating Labour and the Conservatives. Some national polls have shown the Lib Dems as the most popular party in the country.

Sue said:

“Voters in Putney tell me they’re extremely concerned that the Conservative government, backed by the Labour party, is taking the country down the wrong path.

"The Liberal Democrats are the home that politically homeless voters in Putney have been searching for. I believe that I can effectively represent their hopes and values. Based on my decades of successful campaigning for Lib Dem values here in Britain and around the world, I know that the Lib Dems can help return this country to sanity and decency."

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